Women at Business - Manifesto

Our commitment to enhancing women skills and know how

Our mission to support and promote the employment of women, in order to achieve the Gender Equality in the workforce.
Our manifesto for social responsability.


Together with companies and institutions to activate a cultural change to support women's work


Include every single woman within the work force for a fairer and more inclusive society

Social and economic impact

Social sustainability means responding to the needs of women today without compromising opportunities for future generations.

Social virtuous

Circulating women’s skills through projects and processes that guarantee flexibility and inclusion

Skills matching

Using matching algorithm for the best combination of women’s skills and companies looking for those skills

No Coded Bias

Our algorithm bypass the stereotypes that hinder the entry and permanence of women in the workforce


Database of profiled women with ready-to-use skills in every industry

Ongoing training

Acquire new skills to break down stereotypes